Games agogo

December 18, 2008

Because I am home for the holidays and have a lot of time on my hands I have been playing lots of games.  Everything from Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 on the PC to SOCOM: Confrontation and Little Big Planet on the PS3.  I have been trying to cram as much gaming in a humanly possible because I haven’t been playing nearly as much as I used to since I was busy over the break.  But anyways gaming habits aside the holidays bring up a very important topic, family.  I believe that it is very important to keep your family close even though you may not always enjoy their company, you will always be assured that you have someone willing to listen or talk to.  I’ve realized in my time away for my first semester at college that even the many little things are what make home special.  being able to walk around in a house and sit down in a chair that isn’t your bed or at your desk is very nice.  Having the space to relax is very important, and for me my own space.  Even though colleges are much better than they used to be with plenty of things to do and plenty of space and accommodations to make everyone feel at home, there is still no way to give everyone that sense of privacy and comfort that you get from your own home.  And this fact makes holiday breaks so much sweeter.  Being able to sit on the couch and read in peace without having practical jokes, loud music, and roommates bothering you is a huge boon.  The one thing that I do truly regret though is that I wasn’t fully able to appreciate this during High School because I was so busy, I was in and out every day.  No time to appreciate the small things.  Maybe thats what makes College that much better?  High School being such a burden on you that College is a huge change of pace.

So anyways enough rambling, have a happy holiday be that Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate.

For those that want to keep it politically correct: merry chrismahanakwanzaka

PS. Word press 2.7 the update seems pretty cool, a bunch of stuff changed, so we will see how cool it ends up being.