Still thinking

I’m still thinking about relativity and how it explains just about everything.  I mean having a different point of view is your own because of your own personal experiences and those are relative to everyone elses.  Also different moral standards or status quo’s are all relative because of the different environments people grow up in.  Some people grow up very poor and therefor become pack rats no matter how well off they are later in life, while people who grow up well off are usually more wasteful because they assume that there will always be more around the corner.  I’m not exactly sure what I would classify my self as because I grew up fairly well off but because I have realized this my tendency is to conserve as much as I can because I am not a wasteful person at all.  It kills me seeing people speed off from stop signs or use more paper napkins when they don’t need too.  Maybe this is just my green side kicking in or maybe I’m just partly OCD or something, who knows…  The one thing I do know is that we have to change our attitudes about how we think about our limited resources because one day they will run out, if we like it or not.  And the only real alternative is to look elsewhere, and that elsewhere is space, the final frontier.

Star Trek...the future of mankind?

Star Trek...the future of mankind?


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