Our country has been dependent on oil for along time.  And we have enjoyed its low price’s for even longer.  But for the past couple of years as gas prices went up people starting getting worried.  So they started to cut back and the “green” movement became really popular, and still is.  This isn’t going to be a long post about climate change or global warming but i will say that because we cut back our demand for oil significantly we have helped the environment.  Because all of us have become more aware of the situation we have started to actually do something about it and for that i am proud.  But I am a little worried now because gas has dropped significantly in the past 6 months or so.  According to Bloomberg the cost of gas per barrel has hit an amazing low not seen since 2004.  While this is good news for every average Joe American, it may not be good news for the ‘green’ movement.  Because now that the pressure has been taken off it will result in less overall support for the ‘green-izification’ of America.  Well the one thing I’m hoping is that our next president will keep his word and put through an intensive energy/climate change policy so that my future was as green as my parents.


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