Living within your means is very important, because not only does it prevent you from going into bad debt but it also helps the planet.  The more you use, especially things that are in excess hurt the enviroment ever so slightly.  And if everyone lives beyond their means then we get into two big problems, Global Warming from all of this wasted material and energy, and major economic issues.  Both of these issues are hot topics right now, as seen from most news sources main stream or not.  I don’t want to get into detail about either issue because i have no particular insight about either, just my opinion.  But I can point you to a very interesting article.  This article shows you just how we got ourselves into both of the above problems.  Fortunately my parents were smarter than this and lived within their means, and we still have our house and live comfortably.  We will not have to worry for the next few years as my parents move into retirement.  I’m just hoping that our economy turns around soon so that we can address the issues that are affecting us most.


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