November 20, 2008

Our country has been dependent on oil for along time.  And we have enjoyed its low price’s for even longer.  But for the past couple of years as gas prices went up people starting getting worried.  So they started to cut back and the “green” movement became really popular, and still is.  This isn’t going to be a long post about climate change or global warming but i will say that because we cut back our demand for oil significantly we have helped the environment.  Because all of us have become more aware of the situation we have started to actually do something about it and for that i am proud.  But I am a little worried now because gas has dropped significantly in the past 6 months or so.  According to Bloomberg the cost of gas per barrel has hit an amazing low not seen since 2004.  While this is good news for every average Joe American, it may not be good news for the ‘green’ movement.  Because now that the pressure has been taken off it will result in less overall support for the ‘green-izification’ of America.  Well the one thing I’m hoping is that our next president will keep his word and put through an intensive energy/climate change policy so that my future was as green as my parents.



November 18, 2008

Everything is relative.  Everything and anything from objects to ideas.  I noticed that everyone has their own idea of a certain topic be it politics, religion, etc. and while some are similar no one is exactly the same.  This relativity is derived from individuality, because everyone has their own unique life experiences, add a little chaos and bam you have arrived at a point where no one is the exact same.  I’m not saying people don’t agree, they do, but most of the time it is either a specific fact of an idea or its a sort of smudgy agreement where one party only agrees with parts of the idea or concept while the other party agrees on other parts.  Realizing this I helps me, helps me realize that everyone has their own position.  And that each position may be valid and should be not denied a voice.

This is how I see law and local cultures or even religion.  The collective conscience determines the areas rules and common courtesy.  Then everyone is expected to follow these rules and courtesy, but what if someone has a different idea?  They are considered outsiders who don’t belong.  I have seen this too much in both real life and in fiction where someone with a new idea is persecuted because of their difference.  And that difference can be anything from a physical attribute to a hobby or passion.  The only way to change an areas rules or courtesy is to change the collective conscience and it always will through time no matter how much hesitation.  This form of rule of law stymies much reform or quick change, which is a good thing and a bad thing.  If the prevention wasn’t present then nothing would stay consistent and you would be in a state of pseudo-anarchy.  While on the other hand if nothing changed then everything would eventually get boiled down to a routine and life would be boring.  This is why it is good to have a balance between the two sides and make compromises, but there must always be room for the non-grouped, for those that have completely different ideas to be at least presented.  If these people were not allowed then we would not have innovators and therefor no innovation, which would set us behind as a society.  So for society to stay ‘current’ we must all have an individual voice and be able to present ideas no matter how crazy or out there they may seem.




November 5, 2008

So Obama won this morning/last night and fun was had, parades were semi organized, and merriment was spread.  Lets just hope it lasts.  We shall see if his message becomes truth in the next four years.  I will probably write up a bit about my political views and the outcome of the election some time, it might take the until the weekend.

CNN link to Obama victory


November 2, 2008

Living within your means is very important, because not only does it prevent you from going into bad debt but it also helps the planet.  The more you use, especially things that are in excess hurt the enviroment ever so slightly.  And if everyone lives beyond their means then we get into two big problems, Global Warming from all of this wasted material and energy, and major economic issues.  Both of these issues are hot topics right now, as seen from most news sources main stream or not.  I don’t want to get into detail about either issue because i have no particular insight about either, just my opinion.  But I can point you to a very interesting article.  This article shows you just how we got ourselves into both of the above problems.  Fortunately my parents were smarter than this and lived within their means, and we still have our house and live comfortably.  We will not have to worry for the next few years as my parents move into retirement.  I’m just hoping that our economy turns around soon so that we can address the issues that are affecting us most.