Health Care

Socialized or not everyone needs it, health care that is.  To tell you the truth I don’t know which is better because I have heard glowing reviews and harsh criticisms of both.  The one thing though is that I realized something after reading this article.  It’s by a professor of economics and he focus’ on some negative aspects of socialized medicine, in both Canada and Britain.  I don’t know where he got his information but I have read in other articles that its almost the exact opposite, so I guess its just where you get your statistics from.  But either way it doesn’t make a huge difference.  He argues that if America were to socialize its health care system, even more than it is now, it would become a disaster because of government regulations.  He used horrifying examples of people having to wait after being diagnosed for treatment and losing their chance to survive.  And potential factors that could exclude you from any government health care at all.  But the one thing he doesn’t seem to bring up is that both of these can happen in a private system also.  I mean we all know that many Americans do not have health care because of cost and preconditions.  And some would say, in a free market economy they would still have options because of competition.  But that doesn’t really make sense, if a company’s goal is to make money, why take the riskier customers with preconditions?  Shouldn’t a sound business model only consider making good investments and ideally only accept healthy customers who are less likely to have a disease/treatment that costs lots of money and might lead to expensive care.

I dunno but it seems either way, socialized or not, the health care system ends up at the same thing.  Ungainly regulations that could leave some out, and unwieldy bureaucracy which slows the entire process.  So in my eyes there is really only one system with the same flaws, except some call it public and some call it private.

Health Care at its most profitable

Health Care at its most profitable


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