The top story on digg today is actually a video, and of course it just happens to be about politics.  Because this is digg it is most likely to be a liberal leaning video that also involves in some form diminishing the other side.  But before I go off on that whole other topic of digg and politics I will just embed the video.

This troubles me because to elect someone based purely on their perceived faith is ridiculous.  For one how does she know that McCain is more faithful than Obama.  She uses Obama’s “background” as evidence in support of her argument, but even her evidence is so flaky and one sided that it completely disenfranchises her argument.  This bothers me how someone can so blindly make a decision based purely on faith. Both candidates images have been so distorted for the election that no one knows the truth anymore, its just impossible to tell.

Now please don’t just call me a liberal who is trying to smear the right.  That is not my objective, this lady could be supporting barack obama based purely on faith and I would dislike her the same amount.  My biggest question for any argument of any flavor is what evidence is this based on?  And how reliable is that evidence?  This example shows an argument for McCain based purely on his faith, not on his religious views?, even though she brings up Obama’s father was a muslin?.  I only trust arguments with solid reasoning and rational thinkin behind them, being supported by evidence.  I think blind faith in anything is what ultimately destroys it.  A person or group has to be able to see both sides of the argument and open minded to see the faults of both.  But unfortunately most Americans don’t vote based on evidence or rational argument.  They vote based on party or faith alone, and that I’m afraid is something that could lead to trouble in the future, some of which we are getting a taste of right now.


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