National Cryptological Museum

My parents visited over the weekend and I got to visit a museum with them.  This was particulalry useful because it counts towards one of my Computer Science classes.  This trip was quite fun because not only was it in close proximity to the NSA building (now i can say I’ve been near it) but it was also a hole in the wall museum.  These are particulalry intersting to visit because unlike the huge museums like the smitsonian it isnt crowded, you usually can take all the time in the world, and you can find some particulalrly interesting things.  For example there were two working enigma machines that you could type messages with.  Not to mention numerous other code breaking machines like the US Navy Cryptoanalytic Bombe which was used to decrpyt the enigma.  It was an amazing visit, I missed a lot though so a second visit it definitely in place.

Working Enigma Machine

Working Enigma Machine

Voip circa 1943

Voip circa 1943

Funny Poster in the Computer section

Funny Poster in the Computer section


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