This topic is such a terrible thing, it is the exact opposite of efficiency.  I’m pretty sure the Dictionary is adding this as antonym to efficiency.  So my example I called to ask a department about a seminar they had organized that I had to attend, but when i asked them where it was located, the told me “That is a very good question…let me redirect you.”  This just kind of blew my mind, I thought dealing with humans was supposed to be a nicer experience compared to an automated system, but I think the end result ended up being the same.  And not to mention the reason I had to call in was because I couldn’t find it anywhere on their website, or map.  You can’t find a single damn thing on their website.  It’s so unfortunate that this had to happen, it really is a blow to my confidence in society.  If we are so inefficient in regards to one of the simplest questions that someone could ask, that just lowered my expectation of the future, quite a bit.


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