VP debate

Man this debate kind of disappointed me overall.  Nothing really relevant to the Vice Presidential position was really discussed I think.  Only the most popular topics were discussed, and the candidates were only walking billboards for the true candidates.  Biden talked a little about his history and talked a little about what he has done in the past but, it all seems like he is trying to maneuver himself into a potential presidential run.  But he is to old, if Obama wins he will likely stay for a second term and by then Biden is most likely a goner.  Palin survived, she didn’t do much beyond that though.  She did make some funny comments and hesitated a little bit, but that was all nerves and not being used to the national stage that she was on.  Biden has been around Washington longer and therefore this was probably much easier for him compared to Palin.

But in the end I really don’t think much got accomplished, it just makes the wait for the second presidential debate a little easier, and I’m sure gives Colbert and Stewart plenty of material to work with.


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