So I had a little adventure today.  Traveling into Washington DC via metro to eventually end up at a talk by Vint Cerf at Howard University.  Now the beginning, the end and the actual talk don’t make much of a story, but everything else does.  So as we make our way through the relatively easy to navigate DC metro we decided to get off at a station that was presumably closer to were my group of friends needed to end up, instead of the station called “Howard University”.  Doesn’t that seem odd, we were headed to Howard university and yet we weren’t going to get off at that stop.  Well three of us had put our trust into the other man in our group to be a navigator.  So when he decided that we get off we got off.  Once we end up topside though we get completely disoriented and initially head off in the wrong direction with about 20 minutes to get to our destination.  So we reverse course and quickly right our wrong.  But as we soon would learn, thankfully for the map that we had printed off of Google maps, we could eventually make our way to the university but we would have to walk, a lot…with 15 minutes left.  So we continue on and we end up walking though some shall we say “not so nice” parts of Washington DC.  realizing that we would be substantially late at this point we decide to run because all of this was for class credit and we need it.  So we begin to run through these “not so nice” parts of DC.  Now you have to imagine us four white guys all with backpacks, with relatively nice clothes on, compared to the people on the street, running through streets of DC.  My first thought was, “Wow we look really suspicious!”  But we kept on running and passed by some people who decided to call us “ugly” and it was a good thing we were running because one of us might have responded and instigated something.  Fortunately that didn’t happen and we arrive at the talk winded, sweaty and late and we had a great time.  But as this story comes to an end I realize that this is probably going to be my first crazy story, that I will surely exaggerate,  of the next four years in college.


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