Health Care

October 30, 2008

Socialized or not everyone needs it, health care that is.  To tell you the truth I don’t know which is better because I have heard glowing reviews and harsh criticisms of both.  The one thing though is that I realized something after reading this article.  It’s by a professor of economics and he focus’ on some negative aspects of socialized medicine, in both Canada and Britain.  I don’t know where he got his information but I have read in other articles that its almost the exact opposite, so I guess its just where you get your statistics from.  But either way it doesn’t make a huge difference.  He argues that if America were to socialize its health care system, even more than it is now, it would become a disaster because of government regulations.  He used horrifying examples of people having to wait after being diagnosed for treatment and losing their chance to survive.  And potential factors that could exclude you from any government health care at all.  But the one thing he doesn’t seem to bring up is that both of these can happen in a private system also.  I mean we all know that many Americans do not have health care because of cost and preconditions.  And some would say, in a free market economy they would still have options because of competition.  But that doesn’t really make sense, if a company’s goal is to make money, why take the riskier customers with preconditions?  Shouldn’t a sound business model only consider making good investments and ideally only accept healthy customers who are less likely to have a disease/treatment that costs lots of money and might lead to expensive care.

I dunno but it seems either way, socialized or not, the health care system ends up at the same thing.  Ungainly regulations that could leave some out, and unwieldy bureaucracy which slows the entire process.  So in my eyes there is really only one system with the same flaws, except some call it public and some call it private.

Health Care at its most profitable

Health Care at its most profitable



October 28, 2008

As I just posted on my twitter feed, I am desperately in need of some new games for the fall, so I figured I would take an entire post and try to list a few that I am particularly interested in. I’m going to go ahead and link each game title to either the review page of overall game page (if it hasn’t been reviewed yet) from since that is my go to source for gaming knowledge.

  • Fable 2 – One of the coolest looking RPG’s this generation, and i missed the first one
  • Fallout 3 – Another awesome RPG this generation, also set in Post apocalyptic Washington DC, is it weird that i like Post apocalyptic settings?
  • Ninja Town – So cute yet looks like such an awesome hardcore game, its like tower defense, but with ninjas!
  • Little Big Planet – If you haven’t heard about this game it is amazing, endless playability because anyone can create entire levels and there is so much to it, from making machinery, to enemies, and custom prizes, I think this will win many game of the year awards.
  • Rock Band 2 – If you haven’t played the first then ill just let you know now, that this is hands down the best music rhythm game out there, right now, Yeah better than guitar hero
  • Gears of War 2 – Looks to be a revision of the first which i enjoyed thoroughly, And the online horde mode should be tons of fun

Secondary List

  • Banjo Kazooie – I’m a little worried about this one because it is such a break away from the originals, but i really enjoyed the first two on the Nintedo 64 and i trust RARE to make a good game, if not the one i was expecting
  • Left 4 Dead – Looks to be a good co-op FPS for both consoles and PC, and its from Valve so you you know its going to play well, the problem is there is so much else to play!
  • Far Cry 2 – Another open world FPS but this one is set in Africa, which is a very interesting setting.  I’m really curious about this one because i have heard good things, but again time maybe short.
  • Crysis Warhead – looking like i might now play this one for a while, even though i enjoyed the first it just doesnt look like enough to get me to play it
  • bunch of downloads too – from XBLA, PSN including geometry wars 2, bionic commando, and more


October 23, 2008

The top story on digg today is actually a video, and of course it just happens to be about politics.  Because this is digg it is most likely to be a liberal leaning video that also involves in some form diminishing the other side.  But before I go off on that whole other topic of digg and politics I will just embed the video.

This troubles me because to elect someone based purely on their perceived faith is ridiculous.  For one how does she know that McCain is more faithful than Obama.  She uses Obama’s “background” as evidence in support of her argument, but even her evidence is so flaky and one sided that it completely disenfranchises her argument.  This bothers me how someone can so blindly make a decision based purely on faith. Both candidates images have been so distorted for the election that no one knows the truth anymore, its just impossible to tell.

Now please don’t just call me a liberal who is trying to smear the right.  That is not my objective, this lady could be supporting barack obama based purely on faith and I would dislike her the same amount.  My biggest question for any argument of any flavor is what evidence is this based on?  And how reliable is that evidence?  This example shows an argument for McCain based purely on his faith, not on his religious views?, even though she brings up Obama’s father was a muslin?.  I only trust arguments with solid reasoning and rational thinkin behind them, being supported by evidence.  I think blind faith in anything is what ultimately destroys it.  A person or group has to be able to see both sides of the argument and open minded to see the faults of both.  But unfortunately most Americans don’t vote based on evidence or rational argument.  They vote based on party or faith alone, and that I’m afraid is something that could lead to trouble in the future, some of which we are getting a taste of right now.

The Daily Show

October 22, 2008

Now this isn’t going to be along post about how much I enjoy both the Colbert Report and the Daily Show.  But I just finished watching Monday, October 20, 2008, Daily Show and found the opening segment particularly funny and relevant.  It was well written and well delivered.  It uses the motif that the John McCain campaign has been using for some time now, “the real America”.  This is being used to describe those Americans that are “really” patriotic and have good values unlike those that live in big cities and don’t have morals or religion.  It peeves me know just writing this.  But Jon Stewart was able to turn the motif on its head and delivered an exceptionally good piece, one of the funniest in some time, so enjoy.

Link to Hulu Video of Daily Show Episode

Comedy Central Link to episode

Just had too

October 20, 2008

This is an interactive drum simulator thingy.  And I happened to stumble across it.  Drum Machine

If there was one instrument that i would want to learn to play before i die, it would definitely be the drums.  There just so much fun!

politics…and common sense

October 19, 2008

What a surprising combination.  You usually don’t find those two together but When Colin Powel officially announced his endorsement of Barack Obama on the Meet the Press I didn’t think much of it.  But then I saw the video from it. 

National Cryptological Museum

October 19, 2008

My parents visited over the weekend and I got to visit a museum with them.  This was particulalry useful because it counts towards one of my Computer Science classes.  This trip was quite fun because not only was it in close proximity to the NSA building (now i can say I’ve been near it) but it was also a hole in the wall museum.  These are particulalry intersting to visit because unlike the huge museums like the smitsonian it isnt crowded, you usually can take all the time in the world, and you can find some particulalrly interesting things.  For example there were two working enigma machines that you could type messages with.  Not to mention numerous other code breaking machines like the US Navy Cryptoanalytic Bombe which was used to decrpyt the enigma.  It was an amazing visit, I missed a lot though so a second visit it definitely in place.

Working Enigma Machine

Working Enigma Machine

Voip circa 1943

Voip circa 1943

Funny Poster in the Computer section

Funny Poster in the Computer section