Thought while in class

So I was in Western Civilization today studying the bubonic plague, not in any great detail but still enough to spark my interest.  The death toll over the course of the entire plague was 75 million people world wide, and 25 million in Europe alone which was between a third and a half of the current total population.  I got to thinking that it was almost a forest fire effect in that it paved the way for future development and modernization of the times.  Europe moved away from the medieval lifestyle, pheasants on large farms with regional kings ruling over their vassals, towards a more modern society centered around cities and proliferation of art.  This paved the way for the renaissance and allowed science, art, and literature to flourish.  In today’s society we seem almost packed in because there are so many people.  Too many people in fact that we can’t properly take care of them all.  What this does is put a pressure on people who can take care of themselves, human nature is prone to charity.  So as most humans do we give and we gain a sort of higher meaning or selflessness from this experience.

Now how is this all relevant to today and how we all work in a fast paced, connected society.  Well like this, similar to a Phoenix who rises from his ashes to be reborn, I think that today’s society needs a rebirth of sorts.  And maybe not a universal burning down because that would create utter chaos and society would fall apart, but maybe a systematic fire that would burn away the old and provide for the future.  I see our economic crisis as the Yellowstone of forest fires, we have prevented all of our previous fires by stifling them but leaving all of wood there still able to burn.  So now the entire forest is on fire and we have no way of stopping it, except with an absolute that is so beyond our comprehension that it could throw us in the completely wrong direction.

All I can say is I am a college freshman, who’s parents are paying for his bills and I have been very fortunate; but I am afraid.


One Response to Thought while in class

  1. spiritualway says:

    I could make many quotes about fear, but I won’t! You represent the future of our society, just stay in school and work hard so you are prepared to solve some of this mess we are in presently. Your example of natural burn in a forest is very good insight to our present financial situation! Enjoy these next four years, when you are my age you will look back on them as some of the best years of your life

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