The Deal

After watching many TV shows and movies whose plots revolve around organized crime, I have noticed that trust is easily bought.  I just finished watching the first season of Burn Notice, which is a great TV show; it is like James Bond light.  But this show revolves around people with lots of money trying to make more money by putting trust in other people who have money.  It is a cycle of deceit and mistrust, where money is made and lost and trust is transferred or broken to make even more money.

Now at first I thought this idea was a bit exaggerated but I’m finding out that this kind of activity happens in real life.  Now obviously I don’t have any experience with drug dealers and spies, but I have noticed this on a much smaller scale.  Their is someone I know who is joining a fraternity, and as a result of the previous nights party he had to “pay his dues” by washing one of the frat guys’ cars.  Now this seemed like an odd trade to me, party for car wash, but I guess it ended up working out in the end for both sides.  Later in the day the same frat buddy asks the person I know for money, presumably for some type of party since it was supposed to be several hundred dollars and he needed it soon.  Doesn’t this sound oddly suspicious and similar, kind of like organized crime.  And the person I know went along with it and said “sure I can get it from my parents easily, trust me.”  This blew my mind because either people have very little intelligence and common sense, or he blindly trusted this person even after just meeting him several days before.  There is no way I would pay several hundred dollars for something unless I knew exactly what it was going towards.

This kind of activity just seems weird to me.  Maybe will turn out friendly and all they are using it for is a celebration, or maybe it’s a pay your due’s all up front deal, but I highly doubt that.  Maybe I have just let TV influence me more than I should, but something just seems off.  Because the next thing that will happen is the person I know doesn’t turn in the money and they come after him in search of the money.  Then the cycle starts all over again.

But with these two examples I noticed to consistencies, trust and money.  It seems as though the world runs on, “dirty deals done dirt cheap”.  Bad habits are hard to break.

Al Capone

Al Capone


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