Bush’s Bailout

President Bush

President Bush

Why?  How does this stuff happen, and how do we allow it to continue.  I thought Bush was supposed to bring compassionate conservatism to Washington.  Pull all the weeds and fix everything.  That’s what I believed, back in 2000, when he seemed like a good guy from Texas.  How could you go wrong with a cowboy as president, it is like two childhood dreams molded into one?  At the time I thought this guy was superman practically, but I was also only 9 years old.  Fortunately I have matured since then and have learned a lot about our government.  But it seems like the more I learn about our government the more I dislike it. What I learned during my senior year AP Government class was that we are not a democracy, not even close.  Even though that word is thrown around a lot.  We instead are a republic; now I’m sure you have heard this word before and probably think oh that isn’t to bad it must be close enough to democracy.  But in practice it isn’t really.  Our country has two parties that control most of our public government, now these two parties are private entities.  They technically aren’t public things which allows them to run themselves how they want.  Now what this does is when you go to vote many times you don’t have a choice its either one party or noting.  And when you do have a choice it is between these two parties which is like saying the only choice is either black or white, heads or tails, a 50 – 50 chance.  This saddens me because America was founded on the ability to choose, not to flip a coin and end up with one side over the other.  But in today’s age it is impossible to win an election as an independent, or not being a democrat or a Republican.  This allows only two options, a conservative or a liberal.  Now most people i know wouldn’t call themselves a conservative or a republican they are some kind of mixture of the two.  This mixture is hardly ever represented in elections because to have the chance to be up for election you have to appeal to either party, so as to raise money and support for your campaign.  This all adds up to a broken system that does not work in today’s age with rapid anonymous and never confidential communication.

When I was a wide-eyed kid in Elementary school who was interested in history i thought we had the best country.  But i learned that all is not good in the world and many people do bad things.  But as i grow and learn i start to become saddened at the fact that our America as we know it now probably won’t exist to much longer.  And when i say that i mean maybe another couple hundred years at the max.  Eventually the federal government will have grown so large and its budget so humongous that it will practically swallow the entire country with it.  And once that happens either it will fall apart or become an entirely new entity were an elite take control.

So i have gotten distracted now and lost my magic so ill be back maybe to edit.


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