Hello potential readers and or search engine crawlers.  I have tried to write blogs before and never really had anything interesting to say or point out.  At least I thought I didn’t at the time.  But now after reading this article I was spun into a flurry of nerves.  Good nerves though.  I was excited to finally hear some common sense from someone on the internet, and also being related to politics.  This just absolutely blew my mind.  For the past couple of weeks I have had a lot of free time and I wasn’t able to decide what I should do with it.  I had been contemplating a another blog or something but figured i would post for a month and never come back and then feel embarressed.  But alas the article was the spark that i needed to finally start.  Maybe I’m just blowing off steam and this soon won’t exist but who knows, we all have to start somewhere.


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