Thought while in class

September 29, 2008

So I was in Western Civilization today studying the bubonic plague, not in any great detail but still enough to spark my interest.  The death toll over the course of the entire plague was 75 million people world wide, and 25 million in Europe alone which was between a third and a half of the current total population.  I got to thinking that it was almost a forest fire effect in that it paved the way for future development and modernization of the times.  Europe moved away from the medieval lifestyle, pheasants on large farms with regional kings ruling over their vassals, towards a more modern society centered around cities and proliferation of art.  This paved the way for the renaissance and allowed science, art, and literature to flourish.  In today’s society we seem almost packed in because there are so many people.  Too many people in fact that we can’t properly take care of them all.  What this does is put a pressure on people who can take care of themselves, human nature is prone to charity.  So as most humans do we give and we gain a sort of higher meaning or selflessness from this experience.

Now how is this all relevant to today and how we all work in a fast paced, connected society.  Well like this, similar to a Phoenix who rises from his ashes to be reborn, I think that today’s society needs a rebirth of sorts.  And maybe not a universal burning down because that would create utter chaos and society would fall apart, but maybe a systematic fire that would burn away the old and provide for the future.  I see our economic crisis as the Yellowstone of forest fires, we have prevented all of our previous fires by stifling them but leaving all of wood there still able to burn.  So now the entire forest is on fire and we have no way of stopping it, except with an absolute that is so beyond our comprehension that it could throw us in the completely wrong direction.

All I can say is I am a college freshman, who’s parents are paying for his bills and I have been very fortunate; but I am afraid.


Fridays Debate

September 29, 2008

Why does one candidate have to win over the other, I always get that impression from the media.  And another example of the media being ridiculous is here.  This is a video of MSNBC doing analysis of the debate and saying that Obama was overly agreeable with McCain and they put a montage of all of the instances where Obama agreed with McCain.  I find this quite hilarious, and ridiculous.  To think that we would have a president who agrees with others and takes suggestions, completely redonkulous. </sarcasm>

But besides that issue i think both candidates represented themselves very well and brought up pertinent points regarding the economy and national security.  The issues that were brought up were very pertinent the current situation with the Iraq war hopefully wrapping up and the potential for Iran problems down the road, and what do we do with Afghanistan.  There were many questions presented that have not been answered and need to be answered once one of these candidates is in office.  One of the most interesting questions of the night was going forward how were we going to restrict our expenses and deal with the national debt while also stimulating the economy and protecting our borders.  This may be one of the most complex issues at hand because one wrong move in any direction could send our country out of control in the other.  If we don’t spend to secure our future in energy independence then out economy will falter more as green jobs are taken over seas.  But if we spend too much than we will be in over our heads with debt owed to the entire world.  McCain wants to cut spending and tax less as every republican says, but that is just impossible in today’s government.  The federal level of the government will never shrink below what it is now and the related expenses won’t decrease, so it will be impossible to cut spending by any wide enough margin to make a difference.  And if more tax cuts go into effect then there will be nothing left of the government, it will just fall apart.  So as we move onto the second decade of the new millennium we will have to tax more and spend more, but hopefully, and i say that precariously because we know what has happened in the past, the bureaucracy will be able to figure out where to spend all of this money.

In regards to the national defense McCain wants to focus on Iraq as that seems to have “supposedly” become the headquarters of Al quaeda and if we pull out now they will have free reign over the entire country.  Another thing that McCain is very staunch on is the fact that we must “win” the war in Iraq.  Now the situation we are coming to in Iraq seems very familiar to one approximately 40 years ago, Vietnam.  The “war” in which we slowly ramped up support and slowly repealed that support and no definite winner was determined and yet we still incurred heavy losses.  Iraq seems to be running down the same road as Vietnam, we aren’t fighting the same types of wars as our grandfathers, in the future there will be no black and white, winner and loser.  It will be a much grayer tint of who dealt the most damage while incurring the fewest casualties, and where everyone will call themselves victors.

Another interesting point that McCain brought up was a “league of Democracy” that would join together and be able to impose harsh sanctions against their detractors.  For example to staunch China’s military might and future in international relations the league could band together and hurt China’s economy and therefore benefit themselves.  This seems vaguely reminiscent of Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations. quote from wikipedia : The League’s goals included disarmament, preventing war through collective security, settling disputes between countries through negotiation, diplomacy and improving global quality of life.  Doesn’t this just breed of hypocrisy and it has the potential for abuse.  We already have an international peacekeeping league its called the United Nations, use it McCain.

Well i think I’m about spent for now, but to leave you with McCain’s future campaign slogan, “The Cheap Shot Express.”

My enemy

September 28, 2008

Indecision is my enemy, which leads to guilt of self, which results in unsuccessfulness.


September 24, 2008

Bush’s Bailout

President Bush

President Bush

Why?  How does this stuff happen, and how do we allow it to continue.  I thought Bush was supposed to bring compassionate conservatism to Washington.  Pull all the weeds and fix everything.  That’s what I believed, back in 2000, when he seemed like a good guy from Texas.  How could you go wrong with a cowboy as president, it is like two childhood dreams molded into one?  At the time I thought this guy was superman practically, but I was also only 9 years old.  Fortunately I have matured since then and have learned a lot about our government.  But it seems like the more I learn about our government the more I dislike it. What I learned during my senior year AP Government class was that we are not a democracy, not even close.  Even though that word is thrown around a lot.  We instead are a republic; now I’m sure you have heard this word before and probably think oh that isn’t to bad it must be close enough to democracy.  But in practice it isn’t really.  Our country has two parties that control most of our public government, now these two parties are private entities.  They technically aren’t public things which allows them to run themselves how they want.  Now what this does is when you go to vote many times you don’t have a choice its either one party or noting.  And when you do have a choice it is between these two parties which is like saying the only choice is either black or white, heads or tails, a 50 – 50 chance.  This saddens me because America was founded on the ability to choose, not to flip a coin and end up with one side over the other.  But in today’s age it is impossible to win an election as an independent, or not being a democrat or a Republican.  This allows only two options, a conservative or a liberal.  Now most people i know wouldn’t call themselves a conservative or a republican they are some kind of mixture of the two.  This mixture is hardly ever represented in elections because to have the chance to be up for election you have to appeal to either party, so as to raise money and support for your campaign.  This all adds up to a broken system that does not work in today’s age with rapid anonymous and never confidential communication.

When I was a wide-eyed kid in Elementary school who was interested in history i thought we had the best country.  But i learned that all is not good in the world and many people do bad things.  But as i grow and learn i start to become saddened at the fact that our America as we know it now probably won’t exist to much longer.  And when i say that i mean maybe another couple hundred years at the max.  Eventually the federal government will have grown so large and its budget so humongous that it will practically swallow the entire country with it.  And once that happens either it will fall apart or become an entirely new entity were an elite take control.

So i have gotten distracted now and lost my magic so ill be back maybe to edit.

The Deal

September 24, 2008

After watching many TV shows and movies whose plots revolve around organized crime, I have noticed that trust is easily bought.  I just finished watching the first season of Burn Notice, which is a great TV show; it is like James Bond light.  But this show revolves around people with lots of money trying to make more money by putting trust in other people who have money.  It is a cycle of deceit and mistrust, where money is made and lost and trust is transferred or broken to make even more money.

Now at first I thought this idea was a bit exaggerated but I’m finding out that this kind of activity happens in real life.  Now obviously I don’t have any experience with drug dealers and spies, but I have noticed this on a much smaller scale.  Their is someone I know who is joining a fraternity, and as a result of the previous nights party he had to “pay his dues” by washing one of the frat guys’ cars.  Now this seemed like an odd trade to me, party for car wash, but I guess it ended up working out in the end for both sides.  Later in the day the same frat buddy asks the person I know for money, presumably for some type of party since it was supposed to be several hundred dollars and he needed it soon.  Doesn’t this sound oddly suspicious and similar, kind of like organized crime.  And the person I know went along with it and said “sure I can get it from my parents easily, trust me.”  This blew my mind because either people have very little intelligence and common sense, or he blindly trusted this person even after just meeting him several days before.  There is no way I would pay several hundred dollars for something unless I knew exactly what it was going towards.

This kind of activity just seems weird to me.  Maybe will turn out friendly and all they are using it for is a celebration, or maybe it’s a pay your due’s all up front deal, but I highly doubt that.  Maybe I have just let TV influence me more than I should, but something just seems off.  Because the next thing that will happen is the person I know doesn’t turn in the money and they come after him in search of the money.  Then the cycle starts all over again.

But with these two examples I noticed to consistencies, trust and money.  It seems as though the world runs on, “dirty deals done dirt cheap”.  Bad habits are hard to break.

Al Capone

Al Capone


September 23, 2008

Hello potential readers and or search engine crawlers.  I have tried to write blogs before and never really had anything interesting to say or point out.  At least I thought I didn’t at the time.  But now after reading this article I was spun into a flurry of nerves.  Good nerves though.  I was excited to finally hear some common sense from someone on the internet, and also being related to politics.  This just absolutely blew my mind.  For the past couple of weeks I have had a lot of free time and I wasn’t able to decide what I should do with it.  I had been contemplating a another blog or something but figured i would post for a month and never come back and then feel embarressed.  But alas the article was the spark that i needed to finally start.  Maybe I’m just blowing off steam and this soon won’t exist but who knows, we all have to start somewhere.